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Manitoba's premier all female skateboard competition.
Sept 9, 2009:

More media coverage of CFO 2009. A fun interview with SLAG's Nancy Chang

Aug 18, 2009:

Check out this Winnipeg Sun video!

Aug 16, 2009:

The Results are in!


A rained out Plaza pushed Chicks Flip Out indoors to The Edge Skate Park this year. Most of the contestants were on the tail end of the Skate Like A Girl "Winnipeg or Bust" tour. Both the local and out of town girls gave it their all inside the tremendously humid park. 15 year old Sarah Molder showed up out of Regina and gave Tamara Drybrough a run for her money throwing down one solid trick after another coming in at a close 2nd place.

With the last minute venue change the Skate Board Coalition of Manitoba pushed forward to make sweet lemonade out of the lemons they were dealt with the unwelcome weather conditions. At the end of the day it was obvious that a good time was had by all in attendance. Once again these ladies demonstrated that they rip hard contest after contest!

Many a praise goes out to Nancy Chang for putting the SLAG Tour together. She and her crew helped make this contest the growing success that it's been over the last 2 years hosted in Winnipeg.

Check the PHOTO section for this years event.

Check the RESULTS section for the breakdown.

Check out the SPONSORS section and support this years generous sponsors. A HUGE thanks goes out to the volunteers, Inn @ The Forks, AXIS Boutique, Sport Manitoba, The Forks, SK8 sister, Walter Corp and all of the repeat and new 2009 CFO sponsors. This event also couldn't have even happened without the help of The Edge Skate Park! Thank you!

Check out some local news coverage on the event. The reporting has some mixed up facts,but it's some good coverage none the less.

Aug 15, 2009:

Event day!


Please Scroll down for the tentative schedule. Our original rain date is scheduled for tomorrow, but we have learned that the
SLAG crew may have to leave tomorrow due to time restraints. If the event is rained out we will post details right here regarding
any last minutes venue changes if necessary. The Edge Skate Park is in our sites if we're rained out, so stay tuned!


Aug 12, 2009:

Tentative Schedule for Saturday August 15th @ The Plaza @ The Forks

10:00am Registration
11:00am Learn to Skate Clinic with Skate Like A Girl
12:00pm Warm up for competitors
1:00pm Intermediate Skate Competition
2:00pm Advanced Skate Competition
3:30pm Best Trick Contest
4:15 Bowl Contest
5:00pm Contest winners announced
5:30pm Open skate with live music sponsored by Manitoba Music
9:30pm After Party (see flyer on this page for details)

Aug 11, 2009:

See Jane Skate Results from August 8th in Calgary

17 and Under:

1st: Alliesha Proctor
2nd: Chelsea Mullins

18 and Over:

1st: Tamara Drybrough
2nd: Laura Sliva
3rd: Chrissie Lathrop
4th: Frederique Luyet
5th: Susannah Young
6th: Caroline Samorodin
7th/8th Tie: Nancy Chang/Sydney Goldberg

July 23, 2009:

Winnipeg or Bust!

Scroll down to see the Chicks Flip Out Teaser


July 16, 2009:

Less than 4 weeks away...

Scroll down to see the Chicks Flip Out Teaser


Circa supports Chicks Flip Out. If you're in Winnipeg on Tuesday show their team some support!


July 14, 2009:

Chicks Flip Out Promo Clip!

Moira Morel pulled off another great video to promote the up and coming Chicks Flip Out 2009! Best viewed in full screen. Enjoy!

July 1, 2009:

Only 6 more weeks!


May 31, 2009:

Chicks Flip Out is now set for August 15th 2009 at The Plaza!

Good news for the contest and tour...the 2009 See Jane Skate contest has been moved to August 8th to accomodate the Rugged Riders' / Skate Like A Girl tour and the Chicks Flip Out Contest!

Check out Moira Morel's new S.L.A.G. 2008 video to catch a glimpse of the fun had at the 2008 Chicks Flip Out event!

March 13, 2009:

Once again the Forks Plaza in Winnipeg will be hosting the 2009 contest for a second year, this will allow for the event to gain, as it did last year, nation-wide exposure and also lure participants from everywhere due to the plaza's reputation of being Canada's best skatepark.

This year's Chicks Flip Out will also be the closing event to an unprecedented all female USA+Canada skateboard tour beginning mid July in San Francisco. The girls will be caravaning across the North-western states, and throughout western Canada, doing demos and clinics as they go.

August 9, 2008 Chicks Flip Out!:

All of those involved with the event started to congregate at the park at 9am with not a cloud in sight. Shortly after 9am girls and women of all ages started showing up for the beginners clinic put on by the Skate Like A Girl crew out of Portland, Oregon. Registrations began @ 11am with an overwhelming sign up sheet with both out of town contestants with a good handful of local competitors. Girls travelled from Quebec, British Columbia, California and Oregon...with one Australian meeting up with the Skate Like A Girl crew when she heard about the trip to Winnipeg while touring the U.S.

The competition began with the Intermediate Category competition. With Jessie Haungs of Oregon taking first place after ripping up the plaza while the sun provided plenty of heat throughout the day. The crowd was growing by this point and people were seeing what these girls were made out!

The Advanced Category is when the local boys anxiously waiting to get their park back begin to realize that these girls are kicking some ass in the serious skills department. Almost to the point of embarrassment for some whom I'm sure had it figured that they could do it better! Skate Like A Girl's team manager Kristin Ebeling took the first in the Advanced Category with a custom made trophy, a bouquet of flowers and $1200 in her pocket!

As in most contests, the crowd was at an all time high during the "Best Trick" portion of the event. Most of the girls were doing all sorts of crazy kick flips over a four stair set while Esther Godoy mastered a sweet 5-0 to revert on a banked wall next to the stairs. In the end, Tamara Drybourough took home the best trick title.

I couldn't have been happier that there was enough interest to hold a bowl jam before the contest was over. These girls shred hard! Skate Like A Girl Videographer ripped it up utilizing the whole bowl as did local bowl master Sigourney Burrell. Some girls waited all day to skate in the bowl only, while others who had been skating their asses off all day still showed the boys and the entire crowd surrounding the bowl how to get the job done! Kristin Ebeling was opposing sweet frontside ollie airs while Annie Guglia from Rugged Riders crushed the competition in the bowl jam with some crazy lip tricks in the mini section of the bowl helping her win the jam!

The weather was great, the skating was beyond amazing and there was a great turn out with registered skaters and friends, as well as the local crowd support. Couldn't have asked for a better day...of course unless you're going to top it off with a Chicks Flip Out After Party. The Lo Pub was packed with skaters, friends supporters and music fans! DJ SW@T kicked off the night with some dub step followed up by Summer of Legs. DJ SW@T then kept the night going with some drum and bass keeping everyone entertained and the night finished off with a set from The Ex-Girlfriends. An all girl band, playing their hearts out to end an all girl skateboard day fronted by local bowl shredder Sigourney Burrell! Perfect!

The Rugged Riders team has moved the event from city to city each year, but it looks like Winnipeg could be a permanent home for the event. We'll keep you posted on the news of next year's event as it rolls in.

Please check the 2008 event section for full photo and video coverage of the entire event. The Chicks Flip Out archives will be posted as well soon! Check back often!

August 8, 2008:

Elysha, Jacqui and a group of girls get together at the Plaza early in the morning to put on a demo for the media to promo Saturday's big contest and skate clinic put on by Skate Like A Girl! A Friday evening meet and greet was held with Elysha, the Chicks Flip Out Committee from The Skateboard Coalition of Manitoba as well as some of the event volunteers, judges and M.C. etc... The hype was high as the contest was only hours away and the weather was promising to be great!

August 7, 2008:

Elysha and a few of the Rugged Riders team show up in Winnipeg about the same time the Skate Like A Girl crew rolled in to town from Oregon in their van.

Somewhere in the beginning of 2008

It was early spring of 2008 when local girl skater Jacqui Comparye came up with the idea of putting on an all girls skateboard competition here in Winnipeg. Being a board member on the Skateboard Coalition of Manitoba Jacqui sold the idea to the rest of the board with ease and immediately got to work on figuring out the best way to go about putting such an event.

Soon after being in touch with her out of province girl skate contacts and discussing the idea with coordinators of events at The Plaza it was quickly decided that the existing all girls skateboard event "Chicks Flip Out" would be held in Winnipeg, put on by the Rugged Riders Team out of Montreal with help on the local front from the Coalition.

Chicks Flip Out is Canada's only women's national skateboard competition. It is the brainchild of Rugged Riders Manager Elysha Bastien. Elysha had already successfully held 6-7 Chicks Flip Out events at various parks throughout Canada starting in 2002. Elysha showed time and time again that she was super stoked to be working with the Chicks Flip Out committee put together with 4 board members of the Coalition. Elysha and Jacqui hit up all of their contacts to let them in on the great news of Chicks Flip Out being held at the Plaza and the seeds were planted for a great turn out at the event.